Amazon And ConsenSys’ Startup To Offer Simplified Blockchain

Amazon And ConsenSys' Startup To Offer Simplified Blockchain

Amazon’s cloud computing arm, Amazon Web Services (AWS) is partnering with ConsenSys’ blockchain startup Kaleido to offer businesses and enterprises with simplified blockchain cloud platforms.

AWS provides cloud computing platforms to companies, government and individuals on paid subscription basis. After subscription, clients can access the computer hardware that is available via the service, which includes CPUs, GPUs, RAM, Hard Disk storage and other hardware services.

Kaleido is a newly-launched incubator product of Joseph Lubin’s Ethereum based project and infrastructure, ConsenSys. Kaleido is a blockchain business cloud based on the Ethereum blockchain which will help businesses and enterprises with developing and managing blockchain platforms.

According to Matt Yanchyshyn, the global technical lead for AWS’s partner program, Amazon had been showing interest in the Ethereum blockchain for quite some time now.

“We have been following ethereum closely as it’s what many of our customers have been exploring, especially for enterprise use cases,” he said.

Lubin told CNBC that Amazon’s move “is a heavy duty, full stack way of getting the company into blockchain solutions.”

With the partnership with ConsenSys, Amazon aims to bring blockchain technologies to its clients at a much faster and easier pace. Businesses will no longer need to learn cryptography and complex coding skills to operate their blockchain platforms as the service provided by AWS and ConsenSys will efficiently develop and manage their blockchains for them..

Co-founder Kaleido, Steve Cerveny told CNBC that companies can “focus on their scenario, [without having] to become PhDs in cryptography.”

Kaleido is already listed on the AWS marketplace and it provides clients with a choice between “Ethereum protocol packages Geth and Quorum” and also between “consensus algorithms such as RAFT, IBFT, and POA.”

Last month, Amazon Web services launched AWS blockchain Templates for Ethereum and Hyperledger Fabric that allows its users to build and launch fully-fledged, blockchain-powered Ethereum and Hyperledger networks.

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