Asus’ New Crypto Mining Motherboard Supports Up To 20 GPUs

Asus' New Crypto Mining Motherboard Supports Up To 20 GPUs

Asus announced the mother of all boards called the H370 Mining Master Motherboard specifically designed for crypto mining that can support up to 20 GPUs – yes 20 GPUs, allowing miners to power an entire mining farm using a single motherboard.

h370 crypto mining motherboard support 20 gpu

The H370 mining motherboard (with an LGA 1151 CPU socket) follows up on the Asus B250 Mining Expert that was released last year. The B250 mining expert made large-scale operations more efficient and therefore had been very successful. According to Asus, the sale of the board far exceeded expectations.

Along with providing support for 20 graphic cards, the H370 Mining Master motherboard streamlines connectivity by allowing USB riser cables plug directly into the PCB.

Moreover, Asus has introduced a set of diagnostic utilities to ensure that the mining rig runs smoothly. The motherboard includes GPU State Detection which identifies the location of each port and scans the system to detect potential problems with the connected GPUs.

h370 mining master

In short, with the new H370 motherboard, Asus aims to provide easier maintenance, fewer PCIe disconnects and more accurate problem diagnostic and fixation.

The on-board diagnostics are linked with individual LED lights that light up when problems occur, indicating the components that are having issues.

The H370 mining motherboard is fully focused on optimizing crypto mining, comprising of various UEFI tweaks to ensure that some of the mining-related settings are optimally adjusted by default.

Crypto mining had totally changed the PC hardware industry causing the price of GPUs to increase while attracting hardware OEMs to build crypto mining parts. Asus is obviously not the first company to manufacture a crypto mining motherboard however the number of GPUs that can be supported by its H370 mining board makes it stand out.

Asus hasn’t given out any information regarding the price of the motherboard but says it will be available in North America by Q3 2018. The previous B250 is priced at £160 or $140 online.

The H370 Mining Master motherboard will be presented by Asus at its booth in Nangang Hall at Complex 2018 from June 5th to June 9th in Taiwan.

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