CryptoKitties iOS App launch in China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan

CryptoKitties iOS App launch in China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan

CryptoKitties, world’s first and most successful mobile game built on blockchain technology is officially launched in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

The iOS mobile game is built on the Ethereum blockchain and involves buying and selling of virtual kitties via Ether.

The game, when premiered in North America in late 2017, clogged the Ethereum blockchain badly and therefore, this time the app is launched in beta, limited to 5,000 players in China, Taiwan and Hong Kong. Interested users are needed to join CryptoKitties’ official WeChat account and sign up on the special entry page.

Following the launch in China, CryptoKitties announced the internationally recognized and multiple award-winning Chinese illustrators, Momo Wang as its brand ambassador. The Beijing-based illustrator is the first contributor to CryptoKitties’ Artist Series, which will involve designing of limited edition digital kitties in collaboration with prominent artists, designers and influencers.

Momo Wang is the creator of the famous Tuzki character, which is widely used in various instant messaging apps especially in China and Japan.

The CryptoKitties team has worked really hard on the app, keeping in mind the blockchain market and its ups and down. The game is surrounded by a lot of hype and is the most popular game on the Ethereum blockchain having a massive user base (about 250,000 users). However, interested players from China couldn’t play the game due to internet and cryptocurrency restrictions. But from now they can easily participate in the game and interact with the Ethereum blockchain.

So what’s the hype all about?

CryptoKitties is a unique game involving the trade of digital Kitties. There are a lot of kitties which are all different from one and other. Each CryptoKitty holds unique traits. Remember, the trend of collecting special comic books or action figures? Well, same is the case with CryptoKitties. Players spend enormous amounts on collecting rare kitties. A player can also offer their CryptoKitty for breeding (a process called Siring) with someone else’s kitty in order to produce kittens. Kittens are then sold via auctions on the marketplace.

There is no central entity to manage the game, so bought Kitties will belong to the holder forever, even if the game shuts down.

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