Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg sorry for VR tour to Puerto Rico.

‘One of the most powerful features of VR is empathy’

facebook CEO teleport himself using facebook VR app Spaces
Source: Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg apologized for VR tour of hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico that he posted to Facebook this Tuesday. He didn’t mean to hurt anyone with his tour.

The Facebook chief, Mark Zuckerberg teleported himself to Puerto Rico, using his new Virtual Reality platform “Facebook Spaces” on Tuesday.

Facebook Spaces is an application that allows users to interact with others by putting their cartoon avatars in the same virtual space.

Mark, live-streamed his experience with Facebook’s social VR head, Rachel Franklin. The two of them transported themselves to Puerto Rico, the Moon and to Zuckerberg’s house.

“One of the things that’s really magical about virtual reality, is you can get the feeling that you’re really in a place.” Said Zuckerberg in his live-streamed video.

Zuckerberg’s first stop was Puerto Rico, where he reported the after-effects of Hurricane Maria. Using the perfect opportunity, he emphasized on the relief aid Facebook is offering to the Puerto Ricans and how it is helping the Red Cross.

“It feels like we’re really here in Puerto Rico”, said Zuckerberg.

People watching this live stream were really disappointed. The comments and the video were repeatedly slammed by angry users, calling Zuckerberg a “heartless billionaire” and accusing him of “exploiting disaster”.

Some of the online users thought that Zuckerberg was just using the tragedy to promote Facebook.

Actually, this whole live- streaming, virtual reality thing looked very strange for one obvious reason; “Zuckerberg’s floating cartoon character”. Although Facebook Spaces is a creative way for digitally hanging out, nevertheless it is not really the best way for visiting hurricane-hit areas and discussing relief efforts.

Well after the Puerto Rico visit, Mark and the social VR chief, Rachel Franklin transported themselves to the Moon and later to Zuckerberg’s house.

Although the stream dropped out at one point, they managed to start over again.

The Facebook Spaces was released in April after debuting the platform a year ago, at the Oculus Connect Conference.

Zukerberg’s live stream came just days before the fourth annual Oculus Connect Conference, which starts on Wednesday. Zuckerberg’s live stream suggests that Facebook is likely having some news in store for Spaces.

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