Facebook integrates with PayPal for Messenger based payments

A new P2P payment feature along with chatbot is added in messenger

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Facebook messenger is the widely used messaging application. However, the Facebook and PayPal are doing deep integrations and deepen their relationship. Facebook and PayPal have now come up with a very interesting integration. The US based PayPal users will now be able to do transactions over Facebook messenger. This integration will also include first customer support bot that will be used to handle customer queries and issues over Facebook messenger.

Last year, Facebook and PayPal announced an integration that allows customers to purchase items from online merchants using chat bots. The transactions could be done using PayPal, and it further provided a feature to link PayPal with messenger to track history and receipts.

As we speak, over 2.5 million US based users have connected their PayPal accounts with facebook messenger and that will increase even more with today’s news.

For newbies, users can now easily pay for services or transfer payments between friends and family using the messenger app. The PayPal currently has $80 billion+ peer-to-peer transactional volume, which will be shifted a little bit on messenger app.

This will serve as an alternative to Facebook Pay that was introduced back in 2015. Facebook Pay was introduced to send / receive payments from friends over messenger, which was initially taken as Facebook’s try to build PayPal’s competitor. However, Facebook made its intentions clear, and termed this service as something to make messenger better.

Starting today, Facebook is offering its users to send and receive payments through PayPal and it can be set as default peer-to-peer transaction method.

The new option is available in messenger. It can be used by clicking blue plus icon and then selecting green Payments button to send or request money. Here, PayPal can be selected as source of payment.

PayPal integration with Messenger – Credits TechCrunch

This integration will turn out to be very fruitful. It will be used as simpler way of sending payments to friends instead of logging into web app and then making payment from there. It will also help “buy-and-sell” groups on Facebook where this will be used by millions of people for buying and selling products. As of today, more than 450 million people visit local sales groups.

PayPal is already available in Apple’s iMessage app and this will be it’s second integration in a step to cover more audience.

PayPal has no such immediate plans of integration P2P option in other messaging apps, but they might be thinking about it in near future.

“But I think this is part of a broader movement where we’re meeting the user in whatever context they’re in,” he added, noting that PayPal is also now available in services like Android Pay and Google Play, for example.

When asked about plans of integrating Venmo in messaging apps.

“There’s nothing we’re announcing with Venmo right now,” Ready replied. “But we really think about Venmo and PayPal as two interfaces that should get the user two common types of experiences,” he said. “Certainly, this general theme of users wanting to get p2p in new contexts – you see Venmo in iMessage and Siri – those types of things – we’re thinking [should be for] both PayPal and Venmo,” Ready said.

PayPal launches intelligent chat bot:

In addition to payment service, the customer support chat bot is another step into effective customer services by PayPal. The bot will use unique NLP capabilities to respond and provide customer support on messenger app.

The bot will support notifications and receipts along with customer support. It will use NLP capabilities to understand the question and give a response accordingly. For instance you may say, “I forgot my password” and it will help you to reset your password. The bot will also be capable of answering about transactions and other basic queries. However, no matter how advanced NLP based bots are created, if the queries are out of Bot’s scope, one will be required to get human assistance by contacting original support.

Existing PP support will be used for handling these queries as there is no specific support team developed for messenger based customers.

“The unique thing here is that Messenger has opened up a platform that allows us to not only have a one-to-one communication, but there’s a platform where we can go resolve things right inside of Messenger,” says Ready.

The initial release of both bot as well as payment integration will only be available of U.S based users. However, both companies intend to make it globally available soon. Based on the size of audience, the global launch may take some time though.

At first, the feature will be rolled out in Web and iOS apps, however, soon it will also be launched in android version.

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