Federer-Bencic win Hopman Cup for Switzerland

Federer pays tribute to Martina Hingis

Federer and Bencic win hopman cup for Switzerland

Roger Federer pays tribute to Martina Hingis and brings the third Hopman cup for Switzerland after beating Germany’s Alexander Zverev in the final match on Saturday night at the Perth Arena.

The world no.2, along with Belinda Bencic played against the world no.4 Alexander Zverev and Angelique Kerber 4-3(3) 4-2 in the mixed doubles to secure a 2-1 victory in the final.

This was Federer’s second Hopman cup victory after 2001 when he won his first (while Switzerland’s second) Hopman Cup at the age of nineteen alongside then no.1 Martina Hingis.

The winner of 19 grand slams paid tribute to Hingis for paving the way for his successful career.

“She had a great career and to have that in a small country like Switzerland is very rare,” Federer said.

“I could look up to her and think, ‘Wow, how is she being so mentally strong and so consistent at such a young age and I can’t do that yet in practice and in the matches, let alone week in week out”.

“It made me also believe with hard work and dedication you get really far, because I didn’t believe that much at that point when I was younger, I thought it was more all talent.”

Despite hitting 20 winners, Federer was unable to wrap up the first set; however, he soon found his niche as he battled to win the 2nd set 6-0, before claiming victory in the decider with a drop shot.

“I was trying to play as aggressively as possible. I’m maybe better when we’re closer together,” said Federer.

“The court plays fast, so it helps if you approach (the net) and do it the right way. It was working out well, so I thought I’d keep going until I had to fix it. That never happened, so I was able to cruise all the way through.”

Switzerland now holds a total of three Hopman Cups while Germany holds two.

The 36-year old Swiss won all four of his singles at the Hopman Cup and is confident to defend his title in the Australian Open that will take place later this month.

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