Federer Reaches Australian Open Final As Chung Retires

After two sets, H. Chung retired following discomfort in left foot

Roger Federer

The Swiss star ended the dream run for South Korean sensation H. Chung defeating him in straight sets with scoreline of 6-1, 5-2 (retired). Hyeon Chung, who was the first South Korean to reach Grand Slam semifinals, was quite nervous facing the greatest player of all time. Chung was outplayed completely and it turned out to be a disappointingly one sided semifinal until he was forced to retire with a soar foot.

Federer, after winning the toss, chose to receive. However, he managed to break in the first game. The next two were won by servers. From there on, Swiss managed to win all the games to win 6-1.

The second set started with Federer being the server. His serve was too hot to handle and Chung lost the first game. However, he managed to hold his own serve. Federer again won his service game. In the fourth game, Federer got 3 break points and managed to break on first attempt with a strong back hand. After the 5th game of second set, there was a slite delay as Hiyeon Chung took a medical timeout as he had some issue with his foot. At score of 5-2, Chung missed a shot and then opted to retire.

Federer noticed the issue with his left foot in second set.

“In the second set I could see he was starting to get slower, fighting with the blister. It’s bittersweet. I’m incredibly happy to be in the final, but not like this.”

He offered more sympathy and said some nice words regarding Chung.

“I could tell something was wrong before he took the timeout. But he has a great composure and I think we’re going to see a lot more for him. Top 10 for sure. The rest, I don’t know, I don’t want to put too much pressure on him. I think he’s going to be a great player.”

Federer, when asked about playing against Cilic in finals said:

“We saw it against Rafa, we saw it again against Edmund. He brings power, he brings everything. He had a similar problem like Chung had in the Wimbledon final. Not having a brutal semi-final, he’ll have rest and we’ll see a different Marin Cilic this time. He crushed me in the US Open semi-finals. I’m excited to play him. We actually played together on vacation in the Maldives. We were both looking for a hitting partner. I told him to practice in the tropicals helped me get to the finals!”

Roger Federer will now face Marin Cilic in the finals. With the quality of performances given by Federer, we can easily say that he is the favorite to lift the title for the 6th time. If he manages to pull it off, he will have 20 Grand Slams against his name which is the highest by any player.

In the first semifinal, Marin Cilic won against K. Edmund in straight sets with scores of 6-2, 7-6 (6-4), 6-2. Irrespective of the final result, Cilic will be the new number 3 seeded player once the rankings are updated on Monday. Roger Federer, on the other hand, if manages to win the title, he will keep all 1000 points whereas Nadal lost 840 points. If Federer wins, he will just need 150 points to surpass Nadal and become top seeded player.

With the win against Berdych in quarter finals, Federer looked all set for another final and he is now favorite to pick this title. K. Edmunds and H. Chung were never really expected to reach the semifinals. However, they gave strong performances and should be proud of what they have achieved in the tour.


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