Firefox Quantum aims to win back Chrome users

Faster than Google Chrome

firefox quantum aim towards chrome users

“Faster and even more minimalist, Firefox Quantum makes Chrome look old,” Digital Trends.

If you were a Firefox user in the mid 2000s, you would surely remember being lucky enough for those tabbed browsing and instant searching while the rest of the world waited patiently for the Internet Explorer to load a single page.

In 2010, nearly a third of the population chose Firefox as their main browser.

And then, Chrome arrived. In September 2008, the first version of Chrome was released and after several other versions of the browser, Google introduced Chrome 5.0 in mid-2010. Within a couple of years, Chrome decimated the market of both Firefox and Internet Explorer.

Today Firefox has only about 13 percent of the desktop while Chrome has 64 percent.

But the fight isn’t over yet. Mozilla came up with the latest version of Firefox called the ‘Firefox Quantum’ in an attempt to take back all of its gone users.

“Lots of Chrome users used to be Firefox users, so one of our explicit goals is to take users back from Chrome,” said Mark Mayo, senior vice president of Firefox at Mozilla.

“It is possible to compete with the biggest, most powerful, software companies in the world – arguably the largest companies ever, across any industry. It’s totally possible to beat them,” said Mayo.

The Firefox Quantum is twice as fast as its earlier editions and uses 30 percent less RAM than Chrome. Wow! That means there will be fewer crashes and much less time spent staring at the never-ending loading wheel. It boasts a new CSS engine that can work in parallel across cores, rather than just using one. Quantum is also equipped with a trick especially for tabs that prioritizes them in the order they are used. Visually this version of the Firefox is different from the others due to the Photon UI.

“This is by far the biggest reboot we’ve ever done,” said Mayo.

Mozilla just created a browser so simple yet so fast that it is the no-brainer for users to choose it over Chrome.

“Faster and even more minimalist, Firefox Quantum makes Chrome look old,” Digital Trends.

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