Google AutoML Turns Coders into Machine-Learning Masters

Google AutoML Turns Coders into Machine-Learning Masters

Google announced on Thursday the launch of its AutoML Vision, taking its AI easy approach one step ahead. The Cloud AutoML is a tool that will allow developers with limited machine learning (ML) expertise to train custom image recognition models, without having to write any code.

Google’s AutoML initiative was first announced at the company’s I/O conference last year. The service, for now, is focused only at image recognition, however, Google plans to expand it to other services for all major fields of AI, i.e. speech, translation, video, natural language recognition.

The Cloud AutoML allows anybody to train their model just by uploading their images, tagging them and then having Google’s AutoML to develop a customer ML model.

The system has been used by Disney’s online store and is currently being tested by Outfitters too.

Google’s chief scientist of cloud AI, Fei-Fei Li, wrote in a blog post that the ML and AI system is currently being used by a few businesses only due to its dependence on heavy budget and expertise. However, Google, by providing pre-trained ML models can bring AI to developers that have no experience at all.

Currently, only a handful of businesses in the world have access to the talent and budgets needed to fully appreciate the advancements of ML and AI. There’s a very limited number of people that can create advanced machine learning models. […] While Google has offered pre-trained machine learning models via APIs that perform specific tasks, there’s still a long road ahead if we want to bring AI to everyone.

With its Cloud AutoML, Google might take away the business from the Microsoft Azure ML studio that allows developers to build, train and evaluate models using Yahoo Pipes-like interface. In fact, Google came up with a tool that takes all the hard work for itself, leaving you with a trained, tuned model.

Another issue that Google solved right there is the hiring of ML experts and data scientists that are not enough in number, thereby not meeting the increasing demands.

“AI and machine learning is still a field with high barriers to entry that requires expertise and resources that few companies can afford on their own,” said Fei-Fei Li earlier this week.

“Today, while AI offers countless benefits to businesses, developing a custom model often requires rare expertise and extensive resources.”

Despite Google’s claims that the AutoML is the first of its kind, there are several other services that offer pretty much the same thing. A service called offers the visual recognition technology as well. Microsoft’s Cognitive Services also offer pre-trained models for speech recognition, decision making and of course vision.

Google hasn’t shared any information regarding the price of the service, however, it is expected that the fees will be charged twice, first for training the models and second for accessing the models through Google’s APIs.

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