Dow Jones spreads fake news about Google Buying Apple

A small mistake lead to huge effects on Apple’s share prices

google buying apple

“Dow Jones” one of the largest news empires, suffered a shakeup yesterday morning after a “technical error” led to the ridiculous announcement of “Google buying Apple”.A fake news was spread claiming google is about to buy apple.

The “technical error” caused the Dow Jones newswire to report a fake story about Google buying Apple for just $9 billion, claiming that the deal was pre-arranged with late Steve Jobs in his will.

Along with this “Big Fake headline”, Dow Jones also reported that Google would be moving into Apple’s “fancy headquarters” and that Google employees said, “Yay”. The report further said that Google would get 9 Apple shares per single Google share.

Obviously the entire story is made-up, but it’s quite funny regarding the $9 billion sum, as Apple would never handover it’s kingdom for that sum, at any possible condition.

The error, after spotted by 9to5Mac was immediately rectified.

Regretting these invalid headlines, Dow Jones stated, “The items, which were never intended for publication, were accidently published as part of a technology test”.

“All of those headlines are being removed from the wires. We apologize for the error”

Thanks to this report, Apple’s stock price spiked up to $158, which was later corrected back to $156. A similar spike occurred for Google too.

The above mentioned incident is prime example of impact of social media and celebrities. Even minor mistakes or fake revelations are good enough to tumble the stock markets as happened previously with bitcoin following a statement from JP Morgan’s CEO, JP Demon calling it fraud. The statement lead to a steep downfall in bitcoin’s price.

Update: Dow jones provided the following clarification on subject matter.

“Please disregard the headlines that ran on Dow Jones Newswires between 9:34 a.m. ET and 9:36 a.m. ET. Due to a technical error, the headlines were published. All of those headlines are being removed from the wires. We apologize for the error.”

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