Google Introduces AI powered Adsense ‘Auto Ads’

Google introduces AI powered Adsense ads

Google rolled out a new ad unit ‘Auto Ads’ for its AdSense publishers that will manage ads using machine learning. This is Google’s yet another step towards bringing artificial intelligence into the business and gathering more publishers to the platform.

“Auto ads use machine learning to make smart placement and monetization decisions on your behalf, saving you time,” said the AdSense blog.

“Auto Ads” that debuted today, will read pages using its machine learning ability and then sort out what kind of ads will be appropriate to post there. The Auto Ads will also decide how many ads will run on a page.

To activate the unit, publishers will be required to place a single line of code on the page.

The Auto Ad was quietly launched in limited beta that ran through AdSense, around April last year. And “publishers participating in the beta saw an average revenue lift of 10 percent with revenue increases ranging from five to 15 percent,” said Google.

AdSense itself is automatic to some extent. The service is already used by tens of millions of web publishers who with the help of the service determine where to place ads or which ads are more relevant for a page. The product already aids a significant amount of proportion to the parent company, Alphabet’s combined ad revenues that accounted for $27 billion out of the $32 billion total revenue reported for the most recent quarter.

The machine learning ability will be very useful for the system as the ads that will be placed by Auto Ads will also play as a clue for which and how ads should be placed on a page in the future.

The Auto Ad will be very helpful for publishers to manage ads and increase revenue, however, it will also bother some of them by its ability of ‘controlling the number of ads being placed on a page’. The number of ads appearing on a page was an option that publishers needed to decide for themselves. Reportedly, most of the beta users were not happy about loads of ads crowding their pages and thus affecting the user experience.

The AdSense has been highly criticized for letting unethical ads seeping into the system like the ads containing fake and misleading content. The company had been putting a lot of work to avoid such ads entering the mix. Google took down about 1.7 billion nefarious ads and banned some 200 publishers from AdSense in 2016, according to a “bad ad report” published by the company in January 2017.

AdSense engineering manager Tom Long and product manager Violetta Kalathaki explained in a blog post that the types of ads included in Auto Ads will be Anchor and Vignette ads, In-feed, Text and display and Matched content ads. Publishers will be able to specify which of these units they want to run.

Publishers who have been using Page-level ads will have their codes automatically migrated to run with Auto Ads. While, the ones using Google’s AMP service for mobile web pages, will be required to use the code for AMP Auto Ads.

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