Google is launching .app domains

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Google to launch .app domains

Three years after Google purchased the exclusive rights to the .app top-level domain for $25 million, the company has finally launched it today for public use.

The .app TLD will probably be an obvious choice for app developers and tech giants as it will be an easy-to-remember alternative to .com.

The company explained that HTTP will be the default for all .app websites, that will be intended to protect against malware, tracking injection by internet service providers and open Wi-Fi networks. It is part of Google’s effort to push the web towards HTTP adoption.

Last year 64 percent of Google’s traffic through Chrome browser was protected as compared to 42 percent the prior year. Chrome traffic on Mac was 75 percent while at the same time that on windows was 66 percent. This increase in traffic came in wake of Google’s series of actions including the decision to flag all HTTP websites to transmit private data as “insecure”.

Google says that this year, with the launch of Chrome 68 in July, all pages without HTTP will be marked as insecure. Now, in the light of these plans, it does makes sense that Google’s new top-level domain will include built-in HTTPS protection.

According to Google, “.app will be the first TLD with enforced security made available for general registration, it’s helping move the web to and an HTTPS everywhere future in a big way.”

The .app TLD is available for registration but would be running from 7th May, 2018 starting at $9 AM PDT.

Prior to the public release, Google has handed a sample of .app domain to potential users letting them test the potential use cases. Some of those who are already live on .app TLD include Cash App, Outdoor Voices, Picnic, Alberto, Sitata, Trial, Bark, CallApp, BNEXT, The Podcast App, MenaVR, Pickle and many others around the world.

Last month, in an interview, Google said that it plans to make .app TLDs affordable to everyone and aims to lower prices more than its other TLDs.

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