iPhone X: Apple fanatics long queues outside stores

iPhone X release

iPhone X launch results into long queue
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Thousands of people gather around Apple stores to get their hands on the most anticipated iPhone X. Many camped day and night, hoping to be among the first to snag the latest set.

Apple’s priciest and smartest smartphone hit the stores on Friday, just a day after Apple announced its vast fiscal fourth-quarter earnings. Thousands of eager buyers stormed outside the stores and formed overnight queues, amid the rumors of a limited supply.

Apple stores in London, Tokyo, Sydney, New York, hence all around the world are surrounded by never-ending queues.

Reality TV star, Marco Pierre White Jr. also camped out overnight outside the Apple store on Regent Street, London.

Bishoy Behaman, an 18-year old builder camped outside the central Sydney store for a week before paying to be the first in the 400-strong line. “It’s beautiful bro, what a feeling, I’m excited.”

A 21-year old college student spent six days in the queue outside Apple’s store in Tokyo, to be the first in line ahead half a thousand people. “I’m going home, and after having a rest, I’d like to have fun [with the phone],” said Yamaura.

Similarly, iPhone X cravers, outside the Apple store in Chelsea, set tents, air mattresses and chairs for their comfort as they waited until Friday morning.

Apple has launched the iPhone X at the right time, just as the holiday season begins. “As we approach the holiday season, we expect it to be our biggest quarter ever,” said CEO Tim Cook.

The iPhone X with an eye-watering price tag and some mouth-watering features labels the future of iPhone. Starting price for the freshly launched iPhone X is £999. Though the price seems a little concerning, iPhone lovers do not seem to bother.

Cook labeled the iPhone X as the “Future” of iPhone, which features a new design and technology.

It is the first iPhone to have the Facial recognition software. And early reviews have said that the feature is very impressive as compared to rival Face ID systems. The system recognizes your face without any trouble even when you’re having contact lenses, spectacles or sunglasses. Works perfectly in the dark and doesn’t even fall for your photograph. However, Apple has warned that users under 13 years of age or having twins should not use the Face ID feature.

Apple had been criticized for using the same iPhone blueprint for years. But this time, Apple stepped out with a new outline. Stainless steel and glass body with an all-screen design. The home button and the headphone jack had been removed. While another key feature added is Animoji, a feature that lets you turn your face into an animated character.

The most ‘futuristic’ feature of the iPhone X is ‘wireless charging’, that means you just have to put your iPhone on a charging mat. That’s it.

“People are excited about the iPhone X as it’s the first time in several years that there’s been a truly new iPhone. In terms of being a status symbol, of having the latest, greatest and hottest technology in a world where technology is a personal statement about you as an individual, having the iPhone X is what many people will aspire to.”

“Apple has taken the potent ingredients of the iPhone brand and technology to once again position this new iPhone as the must-have device of the moment. And it’s all the more remarkable given it’s the highest price we’ve seen for a mobile phone, which makes it a representation of the importance people place on their phone as the most valuable, most loved and used gadget in their lives.” said Ben Wood, chief of research at CCS Insight.

Fans are drooling over the model and are describing it as ‘beautiful’, ‘sleek’, ‘Apple’s best phone ever’.

The new iPhone X has set the market on fire, with a huge amount of customers ordering and buying it.  Apple has entered a ‘supercycle’ of sales. Supply orders are higher than that for the iPhone 7 a year ago. The handsets were available for pre-ordering a week ago and were instantly sold out within minutes. Apple said that the demand was “off the charts”.

“Production is growing every week, and that’s very, very important during a ramp period,” said Apple’s chief financial officer Luca Maestri.

“The Super Bowl for Apple is the iPhone X,” GBH analyst Daniel Ives said. “That is the potential game changer.”

Apple is very confident and has predicted a revenue of $80bn (£61.3bn) for the next quarter.

Although the iPhone X presents a new improved technology, it still couldn’t secure the title of ‘a perfect phone’. Some early reviews criticized the ‘ugly’ notch that is present at the front top, while some complained about the lack of headphone jack and the home button. Three customers from China posted pictures of their iPhone X, completely smashed after they dropped it accidentally. The glass body had shattered immediately. The iPhone X charges wirelessly, but there is no charging mat available with the handset, meaning customers have to buy it separately.

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