Microsoft says Meltdown and Spectre fixes will slow down PCs

Microsoft says Meltdown and Spectre fixes will slow some PCs

Microsoft confirms that the patches released to guard against the two security bugs ‘Meltdown’ and ‘Spectre’, slows down PC and servers running on the Intel Processors and the AMD chipset.

The CPU bugs Meltdown and Spectre were identified by the security researchers on 3rd January, which was able to access information in one software program from another.

These bugs have affected nearly every device running the chips from Intel,  ARM and ADM Holdings.

Microsoft released a series of updates designed to protect servers against the flaws, however, the company did warn that the updates will impact the PC performance. The ones running on the Intel Haswell processors will be affected the most, according to Microsoft.

The Windows chief Terry Myerson wrote in a blog post that his company identified the flaw several months ago and started working on the updates immediately.

“We (and others in the industry) had learned of this vulnerability under nondisclosure agreement several months ago and immediately began developing engineering mitigations and updating our cloud infrastructure,” He wrote.

He also wrote that the slowed down the performance of the older Haswell machines running Windows 7 and Windows 8 will be noticed by most of the users while Haswell machines running Windows 10 will “show more significant slowdowns, and we expect that some users will notice a decrease in system performance.”

Although Intel repeated its statement on Tuesday saying that no such signs of the slowdown were seen in computers, its shares fell by 1.4 percent.

Some of the computers running the AMD chipset also froze due to the security patches, according to Microsoft.

AMD saw a 20 percent gain in its shares, last week, after everyone believed that it would squeeze all of Intel’s market shares, however, its shares fell back nearly 4 percent.

After Intel said last week, that the security updates in its microchips would not slow down PC performance, rival AMD also released a statement saying that servers running its chipsets were at “zero risk” from the Meltdown bug, while the issues raised by the Spectre bug could easily be resolved by software updates.

AMD said on Tuesday that it was aware of the issues that would emerge from the Microsoft software updates. Microsoft says that it’s working to resolve the matter with AMD.

Apple also released an update of its system on Monday, to provide protection against the security flaws.

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