Muhammad Hafeez suspended from bowling by ICC

The tests found his bowling action to be illegal

Muhammad Hafeez
Credits: Cricket Australia

Muhammad Hafeez, Pakistan’s start all-rounder has been suspended from bowling in international cricket. The independent test was taken to test the validity of Hafeez’s bowling action. However, he failed to pass the test and has been suspended from bowling in international cricket with immediate effect.

Muhammad Hafeez was reported for suspect action during third ODI played against Sri Lanka on 19th October, 2017. However, he continued to bowl throughout the ODI and T20 series as the bowler was allowed to do so until test results were revealed. He had an independent assessment of his bowling action on 1 November at Loughborough University.

The regulations suggest a maximum of 15 degrees level of tolerance. However, Hafeez exceeded the limit in majority of his deliveries.

He will now start revamping his bowling action to meet the regulations. Once he has completed the revamp, he can apply for another test anytime.

This is the third time that Hafeez is being suspended. However, luckily from him, this incident came more than 2 years after the last one, hence, he can apply for retest anytime.

ICC Illegal Bowling Regulations suggest that Hafeez will not be allowed to bowl in any international or domestic cricket events. However, he can bowl in domestic cricket if he is allowed to do so by Pakistan Cricket Board.

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