OnePlus 6 reportedly launching in March 2018

OnePlus 6 launching march 2018

Chinese smartphone manufacturer OnePlus is reportedly planning to launch its next flagship smartphone OnePlus 6 until March next year.

The OnePlus 6 will be powered by Qualcomm’s latest and most powerful processor Snapdragon 845 chipset that will undoubtedly improve battery life, camera, audio, display, in short, overall performance. The smartphone having the 10-nanometer chip from Qualcomm will take you to a world of the smartphone experience, you’ve never seen before. The Snapdragon 845 is expected to make its way in every flagship smartphone coming out in the upcoming year.

The device is said to feature an ‘under display’ fingerprint sensor, unlike OnePlus 5T, which had the sensor on its back.

Few reports also claim that the OnePlus 6 will be having the same facial recognition software as the one seen on the iPhone X.

The news of the upcoming release was not disclosed by the company itself but by an anonymous source.

If the rumor proves to be true, the OnePlus 6 will come exactly 4 months after its predecessor OnePlus 5T that was launched in November. These quick simultaneous launches are not untraditional for the company. The smartphone building company has always been hasty when it comes to rolling out new flagship devices. Now the OnePlus 6 will be coming four months after OnePlus 5T that came five months after OnePlus 5.

The logic behind OnePlus’ strategy of the frequent launching of models is to keep up with the latest technologies. Like Snapdragon 845 in this case.

Following the tradition, OnePlus 6 will soon be replaced by another smartphone, however, we are still excited, as it will be packed with Qualcomm’s best chip so far.

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