Opera introduced built-in cryptocurrency price converter

Opera supports cryptocurrency miner protection

Opera introduced built-in Cryptocurrency Price Converter

Opera launched a built-in anti-Bitcoin mining tool and a cryptocurrency converter in its latest version, earlier this year. The anti-Bitcoin mining tool blocks all the malicious cryptocurrency mining scripts and protects your processing power. The feature is great and efficient, however, there is another built-in tool that hasn’t been discussed much but is pretty useful and that is the cryptocurrency price converter.

The crypto price converter enables you to convert fiat currency into BTC, ETC, BCH, LTC. You just need to highlight the fiat amount and you will immediately have it converted into cryptocurrency, without the need to leave the site or use third-party converters.

To enable the feature, users will have to choose a default currency first. And that could be done easily by following these simple steps:

  • Go to Settings (Preferences on macOS)
  • Select the Brower subhead
  • You will find a “user interface” field
  • Click the “on text selection convert currency” box and select a currency of your choice.
  • And you’re done.

The converter is great but not perfect. It has some minor flaws of its own. For instance, the built-in converter will only detect the amount (that has to be converted) with currency symbols, like $, € or others. This means, if a website has an amount written with currency acronyms like USD or EUR, the convert won’t get activated.

Moreover, the feature seems to be incomplete as it will only convert fiat currency (with currency symbols) to cryptocurrency but not one cryptocurrency to another. So for this purpose, you will have to visit third-party converters like CoinMarketCap or other services.

Another major flaw is that the feature will NOT detect amounts written in words. Like if you write $21 million and highlight the whole amount, the converter will only select $21.

There are chances that Opera might fill the gaps its upcoming versions. But till then, the tool can be used for simple conversions.

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