Qarnot unveils a cryptocurrency heater for your home

Qarnot unveils a cryptocurrency heater for your home

Qarnot, a French startup, unveiled its latest product, QC1 that is a heater that mines cryptocurrency. QC1 is a heater for homes containing a passive computer inside that is focused on mining digital currencies.

This backdates to 2010 when Qarnot came up with the idea of edge computing for data centers. Till now, the startup has launched three generations of computing heaters featuring multiple CPUs.

Qarnot has somewhat created a decentralized data center through its computing heaters. Now, companies like BNP Paribas, Air Liquid, Société Générale and Blender rent these servers from Qarnot to fulfill their own needs.

“We provide computing capacity with an extremely hard constraint, which is the heating needs of consumers,” said Qarnot co-founder and COO Miroslav Sviezeny in a press conference.

The heaters are not only beneficial in winters but in summers as well, as they have the ability to offload some of the computing to traditional data centers.

However, the company’s latest product features a GPU instead of a CPU. Such heaters, according to Qarnot, are perfect for mining virtual currencies. Now, you can easily heat up your homes and get cryptocurrencies in return.

The QC1 consists of two AMD GPUs (Sapphire Nitro+ Radeon RX580 with 8GB of VRAM). The heater will mine Ethereum by default.

Operating the heater is very simple, you just need to plug in the Ethernet cable and then get started by entering your Ethereum wallet address into the mobile app. Mined cryptocurrencies will be transferred on your given digital wallet.

You will get 100 percent of the mined cryptocurrencies which means Qarnot will not keep a single coin to itself.

According to current Ethereum price, the crypto heater will generate around $120 per month, said Qarnot.

You will have the choice to mine any cryptocurrency of your choice. It’s a Linux server, which can be accessed directly.

For normal conditions, the heater will turn on the two GPUs to generate heat and mine crypto at a speed of 60 MH/s, however, if you want more heat, there are also traditional heating conductors present for that purpose.

The heater completely relies on passive heating, which means there will be no buzzing fans in the system.

The QC1is priced at $3,600 and is available for ordering since Thursday.

Qarnot has come up with the best crypto mining solution. Traditional crypto mining requires a lot of computing power which results in increased electricity however, this problem can now be solved by the two-in-one Qarnot heater that will heat up your home and mine cryptocurrency without using your processing power.

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