Ravi Shastri speaks out in favor of MS Dhoni

He termed MS as an “ultimate team man”

Indian coach has spoken out in favor of MS Dhoni in response to the recent criticism by recent players. He termed MS as an “ultimate team man”. Many experts and former cricketers criticized Dhoni heavily after his slow batting in second T20. However, Sunil Gavaskar, Virat Kohli and now Ravi Shastri have spoken in favor of Indian legend.

Ravi Shastri supported Dhoni and said that there are quite few jealous people who want Dhoni to have a couple of bad days to see the end of his career.

“Looks like there are a lot of jealous people around, who just want Dhoni to have a couple of bad days…. There are a few people who are waiting to see the end of MS Dhoni. But great players like him decide their own future,” Shastri said in an interview to the Bengali daily Anandabazar Patrika.

He said the Indian team knows the services and worth of MS Dhoni and this useless criticism doesn’t make any difference to them.

“It (the criticism) doesn’t make a difference to me. In our mind we know where Dhoni stands within the team. He is an ultimate team man. He was a great leader and now an ultimate team man.”

Dhoni has had rough time in T20s for last couple of years. His recent failure came against New Zealand in second T20 where he couldn’t rotate the strike and got stuck down at one end. However, he ended with a formidable strike rate of 130+.

MS is significant in this lineup not only because of his batting but also his remarkable keeping. He also takes a lot of pressure off Kohli as the onfield tactics are discussed between theses two.

Kohli and Dhoni
Kohli-Dhoni discussing on field tactics

Dhoni retired from test cricket in 2014, he was replaced by Wriddhiman Saha who is doing a fair job, however, pundits and former cricketers are demanding retirement from MS from T20 while giving a chance to some young blood such as Rhishabh Pant. However, Ravi Shastri has different opinion and he phrased this criticism as a normal discussion on television.

“Not so long ago I used to do television and people used to ask me questions. You need to answer questions to make a show happen,” he said, “Dhoni is a superstar. He is one of our greatest cricketers. So he is always going to be a great topic. He is always going to be a topic because he is a legend. When you have a career as glorious as that, you become a topic on television.”

Recently, Kohli also defended Dhoni by saying that the criticism is only due to his age which is beyond 35. Other failures were ignored, but MS who did a fine job in the end was pointed out that was not fair.

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