Roger Federer is not GOAT – Andre Agassi

Andre Agassi thinks Nadal has an upperhand in rivalry as well as GOAT debate

Federer-Nadal And Agassi

Andre Agassi, Novak Djokvic’s coach, has spoken on the debate of GOAT. In this opinion, Federer is not worthy of being called GOAT due to his dismal head-to-head record against Nadal.

The 8 time grand slam champion is now coaching Novak Djokovic who has an excellent record as well.

Federer is currently leading the all-time grand slams chart with 19 titles to his name. He is also second on total number of titles as he surpassed Andre Agassi by winning Basel Open. He now has 95 titles to his name. He is widely considered as GOAT for this remarkable achievement.

On the other hand, Agassi thinks that Federer has lost far too many matches against rival Nadal. Hence, he should not be called as GOAT. He believes Federer’s record of 15-23 against Nadal is damaging his claim to be GOAT.

However, while Nadal’s record gives him edge over Federer for the GOAT debate, Agassi pointed out that all these claims are capricious. He said he can easily turn the debate around and prove that Federer is GOAT instead of Nadal.

‘My choice is purely arbitrary,’ he added. ‘I could just as easily defend the opposite view and prove to you that Federer is the best. ‘The debate has no rational basis, it comes down to ‘and if’. It’s just a debate.’

Agassi also praised the 36 year old who had a fantastic 2017 after his comeback.

‘Federer is unique. In all: greatness, accuracy, ease. He plays tennis so differently from others. ‘Federer gives off that feeling of control, of having a solution for every problem. ‘We cannot deny that Federer will mark the sport forever.’

Roger Federer, had a lovely 2017, where he unlocked a lot of achievements and is now looking good to win ATP finals as well after defeating Jack Sock. Nadal’s withdrawal also means that he is clear favorite for this title. However, who is GOAT and who is not, this debate will still continue with every player having his own view.

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