Russia creates a high-tech heater that mines Ethereum

It tackles both cold weather and Russia’s following economy

Ethereum Mining Heaters

“Necessity is the mother of all invention”. This proverb just turned true in Russia, where a device is created to tackle both, the cold weather and Russia’s falling economy. Comino, a Russian cryptocurrency startup invented a special high tech gadget. The gadget is basically an Ethereum mining device that also doubles as a heater.

All the mining gadgets are supposedly kept in a cool environment as they emit a lot of heat. Based on that, this invention is perfect for areas having very low temperatures and cheaper electricity.

The company says that the gadget comes with a tough liquid cooling system and also supports various hashing algorithms, making it a perfect Ethereum mining device. The machine is also capable of mining other cryptocurrencies

In addition to gathering crypto coins, the device can keep 25-30 square meter room comfortably warm with negligible noise.

The innovative contraption boasts eight high-end AUS P106-100 6G graphic processors jam-packed into a slim all-metallic body.

The cryptoheater comes in two variations: Comino N1that mines Ethereum and Comino N4 that mines zCash.

Estimated Profits:

Co-founders, Evgeny Vlasov and Alexey Chistov estimate that at the current exchange rate of Ethereum, the device could pay around $300 a month. This value can vary on factors affecting the mining rig, such as rate of energy consumption and location.

A device that can gather cryptocurrency and heat its surrounding is perfect, nonetheless its price is quite exorbitant. The device costs $5,000 USD, however they can currently be bought at discount for $4,500.

A self-made mining rig could cost half the price, however the company claims that its machine is worth the extra money for it will last much longer, make less noise and keep warm.

The cryptoheater is getting quite popular in Russia as the price of energy consumption is considerably low there.

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