Tesla Model S owner builds mining rig in trunk of car

Would this really be a cheaper way for cryptocurrency mining?

Tesla owner builds a mining rig inside Model S
Facebook / Tesla Owners Worldwide

What is cooler than a Tesla car? A Tesla car that can mine cryptocurrency. Recently a Tesla owner fitted a mining rig in the trunk of his shiny model S.

Basically, Cryptocurrency mining means solving a series of cryptographic puzzles to process transactions and to maintain the blockchain. The process needs crowdsourced computing power and the people who contribute to the computing power are called ‘miners’.

However, there is one common problem when it comes to computing power. Mining requires substantial amounts of power which in turn affects your electricity bill drastically. Miners tend to keep the cost as low as possible opting for more cost-efficient environment-friendly solutions.

To save their money, people come up with different low-cost cryptocurrency mining hacks like a heater built in Russia that could mine Ethereum.

Similarly, a member of the Facebook group Tesla Owners Worldwide, jokingly suggested that the free Supercharge aspect of Tesla vehicles could be used for mining cryptocurrency by simply fitting a mining rig inside a Model S.

tesla model s owner setup mining rig inside trunk

The energy-saving brilliant idea was promptly picked up by another user who built a mining rig that could fit the trunk of his Model S. The inventor shared images of his miner-fitted Model S on the same Facebook group afterward.

The images showed that the mining rig used GPUs, meaning that the setup is not likely to be used for Bitcoin (which requires ASIC chips) but for other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum.

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The idea is incredible, nevertheless not feasible at all. A car having so many GPUs connected would ultimately turn into an oven, meaning that the idea would only work if the car is parked at a recharging station with no driver inside. Moreover, there is nowhere to safely mount GPUs in the car thereby requiring expensive computer systems to be present in the trunk at all times.

Suppose if the inventor overcomes all these physical hurdles, the question arises ‘would this really be a cheaper way for cryptocurrency mining?’ All the GPUs (combine) would require a total power of 2.4 KW per hour, which would only be possible if the vehicle runs 24/7 whereas, a Model S runs 3 miles per Kilowatt hour.

In other words “running this cryptocurrency mine out of the trunk of a Tesla for a day and a half would use as much energy as driving that Tesla for a week, on average.” – Motherboard

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