Facial Recognition Startup, Integrates with IFTTT

Facial Recognition Startup, Integrates with IFTTT

Facial recognition app, is integrating with IFTTT to make facial recognition widely available to the masses without the need of knowing complex codes.

The company initially provided both software and hardware but discontinued its hardware development back in 2017.

“We ended up taking a really broad approach and letting [hardware developers] do whatever they want with it,” said chief executive Shaun Moore.’s facial recognition and identity document verification technology can be used to verify identity for applications like opening bank accounts or notarizing digital documents. “We can do that remotely and verify proof of possession and identity,” said Moore.

According to Moore, the purpose of this integration is to make facial recognition accessible to everybody. Through IFTTT’s (“if this, then that”) platform, intends to make its IDVerify product available and let developers become familiar with the toolkit and its technology.

“We just saw this as a way to launch this technology on a third party where anyone could go in. If you’ve got a Lockitron, Trueface can take the picture and then IFTTT can unlock the door for anyone who has been given permission,” says Moore.

Deep learning models are used by the technology to detect, identify, validate, normalize and match faces.

The artificial intelligence models which are trained with millions of facial images can also generate embeddings that are mathematical representations of human faces.

These embeddings play a key role in identification and differentiation.  The Spoof detection technology of does not fall for photographs as it has been trained on attack examples to differentiate between a photograph and a real human. – that is backed by 500 startups and a number of investors – is currently working with identity documents from 150 plus countries.

“The target demographic of what we were thinking were tinkerers and hackers who kind of want to build things themselves,” says Moore.

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