Twitter down worldwide for some users

People around the world suffered from serious confusion and frustration when their beloved micro blogging social platform, Twitter suffered a massive outage and went down on Tuesday afternoon.

It was just a random day and everything was going as usual until people tried connecting to Twitter and were welcomed by an unexpected message instead:

“Something is technically wrong”. “Thanks for noticing—we’re going to fix it up and have things back to normal soon”

The most affected was the homepage that would not refresh and would repeatedly show “Tweets aren’t showing right now” note. Some of the pages remained completely fine while some showed slight errors. Third party apps like Tweetdeck and Hootsuite remained unscathed.

down detector twitter outrages

Down Detector reported that issues with the social media platform started around 9 am (Eastern time) in the U.S, Japan, some parts of Europe followed by other countries. In just 40 minutes of the error, Twitter received 10,000 complaints from users from Norway, Belgium, Denmark, Porto Rico, the U.S (all states). The most number of complaints came from northeast U.S, France and U.K while reports from Japan, Brazil and the rest of Western Europe were also significant.

The problem was resolved after some time and Twitter Support released a statement confirming:

“Some users may have experienced problems sending and viewing Tweets earlier today. This issue is now resolved.”

After everything came back on track, users expressed their distress by flooding the platform with their Tweets. Some said it was the most horrible time while some said they had the time to take a break and breathe while the network was down. The hashtag #Twitterdown also trended widely throughout the day.

There was a time when Twitter used to face repeated outages and stay dark most of the time however, eventually the platform has grown in reliability and outages have became rare, hence the speculation regarding this one.

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