Virgin Hyperloop One is coming to India

Virgin Hyperloop One is coming to India
Virgin Hyperloop

The western-center Indian state Maharashtra plans to build a Hyperloop that will connect Mumbai to Pune in partnership with the Richard Branson-backed Virgin Hyperloop One.

The Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Richard Branson announced the agreement on Sunday. The deal looks into both Virgin Hyperloop One and the state of Maharashtra developing a Hyperloop from the Mumbai International Airport that will reduce the journey time between both the cities to just 25 minutes.

Currently, it takes 3.5 hours to travel from Mumbai to Pune in the train or in a car, however, the Hyperloop promises to take 25 minutes only. Now, this could be very beneficial in terms that about quarter of all the freight that passes from Mumbai’s port has Pune as its destination or place of origin. The Hyperloop would efficiently reduce the freight time and remove about 25 percent of all the heavy traffic from the road. Moreover, it will support 150 million passenger trips every year.

“I believe Virgin Hyperloop One could have the same impact upon India in the 21st century as trains did in the 20th century,” Branson said. “The Pune-Mumbai route is an ideal first corridor as part of a national hyperloop network.”

The agreement also includes a pledge to build an operational test track before building the fully functional Hyperloop.

The project will begin with a six month of the feasibility study and if everything goes okay, the state will step ahead to build the test track that will be a segment of the final route.

The demo track will take two to three years to build, while the final phase is planned to be completed within five to seven years. This means that the Hyperloop test journeys in India will start as soon as in 2021.

The idea of this self-driven, magnetically propelled, the extremely fast ground shuttle was originally theorized by none other than the man of future, Elon Musk. The SpaceX chief first proposed the idea in 2013 under the title of “Hyperloop Alpha.”

Musk himself is working on an underground project that will connect Washington D.C to New York City. Last year, Musk claimed that his venture, The Boring Company has secured the verbal agreement with the U.S government to start working in Washington DC. Well, this year Musk returned with a written permit.

Last week, Washington DC’s Department of Transportation issued a preliminary permit to The Boring Company to start digging in the city.

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