WWDC 2018: Everything important Apple just announced

WWDC 2018: Everything important Apple just announced

Hundreds and thousands of developers crowded into San Jose, California on Monday as Apple kicked off WWDC 2018, its annual developer conference.

Here are the important highlights from WWDC 2018:


Apple announced that it will be rolling out iOS 12 later this year supporting iPhones and iPads released after 2013 which means that the devices that were compatible with iOS 11 will also be compatible with iOS 12.

Apple did not forget to brag about the iOS 11 too. Apple’s VP of Software and Engineering, Craig Federighi said that iOS 11 had a 95 percent favorability rating among users and had an adoption rate greater than 50 percent within a week after launch.

Augmented Reality

At the WWDC, Apple announced details about its ARKit 2, an AR developing kit that provides developers with tools to create AR experiences. The company said that the new version will have a number of improvements like better face tracking ability and will also enable a number of users experience it at the same time.

Apple also announced USDZ, a new file format developed by Pixar that will allow developers to easily move 3D objects in and out of Photoshop and Dimension.


Although Apple tried to improve Siri a bit, there weren’t much game-changing improvements and announcements.

Siri will make suggestions for app actions you may want based on your location, time and common behavior. Apple announced that Siri will also make reminders like it will remind you to call someone on their birthday or to order coffee from a specific place, if you order it every day from the same place.

Screen Time

Apple announced a new feature called Screentime that will allow users to limit their time spend on their iPhones and iPads. Users can also limit their time spend on a specific app. The feature will provide users with their weekly device usage, time spent on each app, the number of time they unlock their phone and from which app the most number of notifications come from.

Moreover, Apple has revamped the notifications and announced “instant tuning” that will let users bypass the lock screen and go straight to the Notification Center for certain apps. The Do Not Disturb feature will now work at night, prohibiting notifications from appearing on the lock screen.


Apple has made a few updates to the Messages that will allow users to use a number of filters and lenses directly through the camera app within Messages. Apple also announced a new tongue detection algorithm in Animoji that will make all the Animoji characters and the visual representation of a user to react to the user’s tongue.


Just like group Messages, users will now be able to FaceTime in a group with up to 30 people at a time. Stickers and effects from Memoji will now be available to use during FaceTime and group chat.


The watch0S 5 is getting a number of updates most of them similar like the iOS 12. Siri will now be activated when a user will raise their wrist to their face. Users will now be able to pay for items through Apple Pay, directly from the notification screen.

Fitness-related updates include a new feature that will gamify a user’s workout and allow them to compete with their friends. An automatic workout detection feature is now added to the watchOS that will activate as soon as a user starts their workout and will track it retroactively.

Another exciting feature in the watchOS is a walkie talkie-like feature that will enable users to talk to other watchOS-owning friends over cellular or Wi-Fi connections.


The AppleTV 4K will be getting certified from Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos.

Apple announced that it is working with a number of cable providers to replace the cable box with AppleTV. The Charter Spectrum is the first and its cable subscribers will be able to ditch their cable boxes over AppleTV.

AppleTVs will be controlled by remotes from third-parties too like the ones from a cable company or the universal remotes. Apple also demonstrated a number of new screensavers for AppleTV.

macOS Mojave

The next version of macOS is called macOS Mojave which is focused at productivity and performance.

A new feature called “Stacks” will arrange similar types of files into stacks making it easier for a user to access folders on the desktop. A night mode will be available for less eye-straining screen time. Mojave will be having Apple News and Voice Memos added to it and will also be able to control smart home products.

Finder is also getting a new view called Gallery which will have a big preview at the top and larger thumbnails at the bottom. It would be useful for quick edits using Markup and other features without opening the file in a separate program. Users would also be able to edit pictures using Automator actions that will automatically edit files for example by adding watermarks to pictures.

Mojave is also getting an iPhone-like screenshot feature that will take a picture of the screen and will allow users to edit it instantly. Not only a picture, but users will be able to quickly capture videos (GIFs) of the screen as well.

Apple has also improved continuity between its devices. During the presentation, Federighi captured a picture from his iPhone which was automatically uploaded to his Mac and then immediately added to the presentation.

Talking about privacy, Federighi said, “This year, we’re adding greater protections on how apps can access [your information].” Although macOS already provides protection for photos, Messages and other files, Mojave will be coming with some extra level protection. Along with the basic options, Mojave will protect Mail database, camera, microphone and backups, all by default.

Following Facebook and Google’s data collection scandals, Apple has doubled its protection against tracking websites by shutting down share buttons and other items that may give data companies access to users’ data. A “do you want to be tracked?” box will appear on the screen whenever a user will be tracked and the option to stop being tracked will also be provided.

The Mac App Store has also got a new makeover with products page being redesigned, Office 360 and Adobe Software made available for download. The App store will also house behind-the-scene information, tutorials and theme-specific app recommendations.

Apple also announced two new platforms called CoreML and CreateML that will allow quick creation and training of machine learning models on a Mac.

The company also announced a number of other small updates and apps.

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