Amazon got scammed of Rs.50 Lac by a 21-Year Old

Loopholes in Amazon’s return policies

amazon got scammed by indian

America’s largest e-commerce site, Amazon got cheated by an Indian man, causing damage worth 50 Lac.

Shivam Chopra, a 21yr old Delhi resident ordered “166 phones” from Amazon in April and May and then claimed refunds by lying that Amazon had sent him empty boxes.

He did not purchase the “166 phones” altogether but separately from different phone numbers on different addresses.

Amazon, abiding by its terms and conditions kept sending money to his account until they realized that he was only fooling them.

Shivam is now arrested by Delhi police, who found 40 bank passbooks, 12 Lac cash and 19 mobile phones from his house.

On investigation, Shivam revealed that he had done a hotel management course from Delhi and was unsuccessful finding a proper job, so he decided to give this phony plan a try.

He started by ordering only 2 phones and then claiming a fake refund. When he actually got money back from Amazon, he thought of further fooling the company.

In the months of April and May, Shivam ordered many expensive phones like Apple, Samsung, OnePlus and sold them in Gaffar market or through OLX. While he was continuously getting refunds from Amazon.

The police reported that Shivam bought 148 pre-activated SIM cards to place the order.

Sachin Jain, the owner of a small telecom store is also arrested for selling these pre-activated SIM cards to Shivam for Rs.150 each.

Shivam used these mobile numbers to place his orders from different names.

“Chopra would input a fake address for his order, which would force the delivery assistant to call on the listed number to locate it. He would then guide them to a spot near his home and take the delivery. (thereby keeping his home address away from suspicion)” Said Delhi police officials.

The investigation was being carried out since a long time, but he is finally caught now.

This incident is a lesson for other e-commerce sites to be alert with regards to such customers.

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